We present you a new way of making your shopping decisions. We deeply research certain type of products. We look for a bad and good sides of product itself and its customer experience. We make our conclusions based on a fresh knowledge that we’ve gain and present it all for you to judge. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Handy Panda Bungee Cords


Our research on Bungee Cords – those handy products that people use to secure or hold stuff in place. We dive into manufacturing process, materials in use and customer’s feedback. Moreover, we’ve prepared and wrote several articles with various ways of using commercial bungee cords. In outcome we have a line of well-researched but easy to understand articles. Enjoy!

handheld sharpener


This is our research on all kinds of Knife Sharpeners. We found that there are many different types of sharpeners and even more technics to sharpen your knife. We even have divided these pieces of knowledge by type of knives and types of sharpening methods. Also, find out what brands and products have the best feedback.

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